Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Hello | January 2019 ♡

Hello my lovelies, Happy New Year!

Cant believe we are now working our way through 2019, where did 2018 go?!
I hope your all doing amazing and enjoyed. celebrating whatever you celebrated over the festive period. I had an amazing time with family and friends, just what was needed.

I also turned 25 on New Years Day, how the hell did that happen? I feel like I was 19 just two minutes ago and yet here I am, half way through my 20's. 

I thought I would pop up this wee post today to apologise for having no posts up for quite a while now. Ive been working really hard at University and being in my 4th year has really started to take its toll on me. I finish in May of this year with hopefully an Honours Degree and have decided that of course it has to take priority. Im really missing writing on my little blog but think it's the right thing to do to take a little break.

I thank you all for sticking around and reading my posts even whilst Im not here. We reached 20,000 views on my blog in December which is insane!
I will be back, most likely not until I've finished my degree in May, but I will be back.

Hope to speak and share more things with you all soon,

Amy xx


Thursday, 20 September 2018

Wilde About The Girl | September 2018 ♡

Includes Spoilers.

Wilde About The Girl is the second novel from Louise Pentland, following on from her number one bestseller Wilde Like Me. I so enjoyed the first novel and finished within a couple of days. It was hilariously funny yet so true to life. The book was based on Robin Wilde, a single mum trying to find her feet in life juggling an 8 year old daughter and a job she has always dreamed of in the makeup industry. Robin also wants to find love which results in a disaterous relationship which taints her idea of finding true love. I really loved the character of Robin and got so attached.  I was over the moon when Louise announced the second book and couldnt wait to hear how Robin's story panned out.

This second book is still as hilariously funny but with so many more heart warming and heart wrenching momnents. The lovely Edward, who Robin met at the end of the first book, is still on the scene, thank goodness. She is still succeeding at her job where they have bagged a huge job at London Fashion Week and Lyla is still surviving in her new school, life seems to be going swimmingly for the Wilde girls.
However things all seem to come crashing down for Robin when a major error threatens her job. Robin then discovers she has fallen pregnant which she struggles to handle, especially when her best friend Lacey has been trying with no success for so long.

Just as Robin comes round to the idea of the new baby and the new direction her life has taken she is struck down again when she miscarries. Louise talks about the subject beautifully, she touches on not only how Robin is feeling in this situation but how it affects Edward and how important it is to have others around you when life takes such a heartbreaking turn.

The story is gripping and once again I fell for so many of the characters, enjoying seeing how all of their lives have developed.  I cried for Robin and Lacey, laughed at Lyla and cheered for Cath. I love the friendship group that Robin has developed over the books and of course even I have fallen head over heels for Edward, what a dream he is.

 If you havnt read the Robin Wilde novels I would say you really have too. They are such funny, lovely relatable books to enjoy and Louise in my oppinion is a brilliant writer.
Thank you Louise for bringing these characters to life and letting us enjoy their journeys. Im so looking forward to future books from you, wether they are Wilde books or new stories.

Hope your having a lovely day,
Amy x


Monday, 3 September 2018

Zoella Beauty 'Cosmos' Christmas Range | September 2018 ♡

Wayheyyyy, Zoella has a new range out! My excitement levels hit extreme when she announced it on her latest vlog and I ended up hopping over to Superdrug. I purchased a few bits from the range so I could share it with you guys today. This collection is called the 'Cosmos' collection and is the 2018 Christmas range from Zoella Beauty. Can you believe it, the Christmas ranges are officially hitting shelves, where has this year gone! Also what I noticed straight away is that this range is cruelty free, brownie points there Zoella Beauty. 

Anyhoo, dosen't this range just look absolutely stunning. Its a space, universe theme and everything is based on this gorgeous navy blue with baby pink and holographic decoration. As per usual the range is so astheticaly pleasing. 

First up, my favourite, the new fragrance. Look at it!! Cosmos looks very sophisticated and I love the navy to clear ombre on the bottle. The little stars give it that cute zoella twist. The fragrance itself is absolutely my new favourite. The scent is a blend of mint and red fruits which gives it a very mature scent, a scent that could easily be a perfume as well as just a body mist. Like Mark said in the vlog I too feel this is a unisex scent and its just so different to anything she has released before. There is no doubt I will be wearing this religiously over the next couple of months. I picked up the Fragrance Collection which is what my body mist came in along with a 100ml Cosmic Creme Body Lotion which I can assure you smells delicious on the skin. 

Another firm favourite of mine in all Zoella Beauty ranges is the hand creams and this one has not let me down! Reach For The Moon hand cream comes in a 90ml size which I love as it lasts so long. Again, the box is the gorgeous and decorated with beautiful holographic designs. The hand cream tube itslef is holographic with the pretty little stars again. Having used it a couple of times myself already I can assure you it makes your hands so soft and the beautiful smell lingers for quite a while. 

The Milky Way Milk Bath Powder is a new addition to the Zoella Beauty collection and would you LOOK AT THAT PACKAGING! I actually just want my entire bathroom to have holographic décor, The bath powder is a moisturising bath milk which includes peppermint and vanilla to soothe your skin and leave it so soft.

I picked up a few gift sets from the range including the Mini Supernova Bathing Collection. This gift set includes a mini Star Shower body wash and the body whip. Both smell as beautiful as the other products and with the navy,pink and holographic finish, they look stunning. 
The final thing I purchased is the Star Glazer Lip Balm Duo. Both are 8g and use the beautiful navy and holographic design again. I cant believe how much I adore this packaging! We have a Shea Nut lip balm and a Cranberry Shimmer one also. Ive been wearing cranberry shimmer and its a lovely way to keep your lips hydrated with a lovely sheen.

Overall, packaging aside because I could go on about its beauty all day, the range is another spot on one from Zoella Beauty. My favourite as always is the fragrance, I can't wait to add it to my collection and the different shower products I can't wait to take away with me on a trip soon. There are a few other bits to be found including bath oils, fragrance roller balls, a bath & body cracker set, mini fragrance set and two larger gift sets. 

Ill list the prices below and where you can get everything from. They will make fantastic Christmas gifts for friends and family from main presents to stocking fillers. 
Hope your all having a lovely day, 
Amy x

Body Mist - £12.00
Mini Supernova Bath Collection - £5.50
Reach For The Moon HC - £6.00
Milky Way Bath - £5.50
Star Glazer Lip Balm - £7.00
Cosmos Body & Mist Collection - £14.00


Thursday, 16 August 2018

The Tattooist of Auschwitz | August 2018

(I will be talking about some bits of the book that may give away spoilers)

I spend most of my year reading books about children's laws, curriculums and other things Id rather not read in my spare time, but thats Uni life for yah! Ive started reading for my own pleasure again over the summer and its been sooooo great. I cant wait to share with you some of the books I have been reading.

The first book I wanted to share with you guys  is The Tattooist of Auschwitz which is also hands down one of the best books I have ever read. Having visited Auschwitz myself, much of the books scenes hit me hard as I was able to imagine myself in many of the places the characters were. Much of it is based in areas of Auschwitz which is now open to the public, a trip Id say everyone should see at some point in their lives.

The book itself is a true story and follows a young jewish man called Lale. Lale finds himself imprisoned in Auschwitz during the second world war, promising to himself when he first arrives that he will leave one day. He learns to keep his head down, stay quiet and do what he is told. He then begins to earn the trust of soldiers which leads to him becoming the Tattooist of Auschwitz, a job he realises in the end may help him to survive this horrible place.        
Lale meets Gita, a young girl also imprisoned within the camp and instantly falls head over heels for her. There love blossoms and it becomes a sense of joy and hope in such tragic circumstances. They face many challenges just simply trying to see each other but there love cannot keep them apart. They are each others hope of a much brighter and happier future.

The book is not only heartbreaking and eye opening but sweet, romantic and a love story you can't help but getting completly involved in. Lale is a character I became so fond of, his cheeky charm and the love and compassion he has for other people. Its a story where I personally grew really attached to the characters and I couldn't put it down, I needed to know how the story went and Id finished it over just a couple of days. When writing the novel, Heather Morris grew a friendship in real life with Lale and told his story how he wanted. She did such a beautiful job in the way she wrote it, she helped you to see the best and the worst of such a terrible situation.

I would highly recommend picking up a copy of The Tattooist of Auschwitz if you haven't already. Its a story that will stick with you, make you realise how lucky we are in our generation and what little things we take for granted. It still blows my mind that these things actually happened in our history and not even that long ago.

Let me know if you have read this book too, I would love to know what your thoughts and feelings about it. Ill link below some places you can find a copy of the book online.
As always, I hope your all having a lovely day,

Amy x

Amazon £6.47 (Paperback)
Amazon £2.63 (Kindle)
Waterstones £12.99 (Hardback)
Amazon (Audiobook)

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